Ricosta Capital

Context and challenge

Ricosta Capital is a financial services provider based in the West Midlands, that specialises in securing non-bank funding for SMEs. When Ricosta Capital first approached us, they were exiting from a tumultuous 12 months and wanted to rebrand in order to capture the new direction that Richard, the owner, wanted the business to take.At the same time they were keen to retain the key elements which had made them successful in the past. We held introductory meetings to help us understand the nature of the non-bank funding and got to know the team who we would be working with.

Approach and elements covered

Our first task was to create long and short narratives that would capture the essence of the company; we call this the brand character. Richard told us that although their work focused on securing funding for growing businesses, his vision was to grow the consultancy side of Ricosta Capital, creating financial choices for successful business owners. We loved this phrase and grabbed it as our foundational short narrative. A core element of the company vision is to broaden their approach, taking a holistic view to the services on offer. Consequently, we suggested ‘Capital’ should be incorporated into the company name and we then developed a rationale to describe this bold new approach. We then started work on the visual identity, translating the brand character identified earlier into a vibrant aesthetic. Visually, we were keen that the logo and visual identity should reflect this fusion of financial and societal value which is integral to the brand. We generated initial ideas, which we developed with Richard into a logo. We then selected fonts and colours to compliment the brand character. Richard was brought in at each stage of development and enjoyed being part of the creative process.Ricosta Capital now benefits from a memorable visual identity that actively works alongside the brand character.

Benefits and outcomes

Ricosta Capital is now positioned with a clear and distinctive brand in the non-bank funding sector. New and exciting look and feel…tick, engaging and powerful brand narrative…tick, brand communications strategy…tick, redesigned website…tick. We never like leaving our clients to fend for themselves so we setup an ongoing review process to help the company get the most from its brand and related communications strategy. Consequently, we are helping Ricosta Capital to produce regular content for its website, PR campaigns and social channels that are on-brand, revising interest and rekindling relationships with contacts who have not been in touch for years.
I have worked with numerous agencies and website companies over the years – most have left me feeling out of control and working on their agenda, not mine. Allen and Ollie listened to what I wanted and have delivered that – a refreshing change compared to many others who try and brand you according to what they want.
Richard Mason