Cumulus Consultants

Context and challenge

Cumulus Consultants is a rural consultancy based in the Cotswolds, providing strategic insight and research to clients across the land and environment sectors. Having worked with Cumulus for several years we already had a good idea of what made them tick but after meetings with Paul, Cumulus’ owner and executive director, we were given the task of rebranding the business to prepare them for growth. Specifically, they wanted a new company logo and visual identity, underpinned with a compelling narrative that would capture the essence of the company and reflect the broad nature of work and range of clients that Cumulus work with.

Approach and elements covered

We began by developing long and short narratives designed to capture the heart and soul of the business. Terms like sustainability are over used in this sector, so we needed stand out phrases that would capture what makes Cumulus unique. In meetings Paul commonly referred to ‘fresh perspectives’ and ‘respectful stewardship’ to describe what Cumulus sought to offer their clients and these concepts became the foundation of their brand narrative. With the brand character complete we began work translating these ideas into a visual identity. We began by exploring logo concepts and then developed colours and fonts that reflected the principal foci of their work. The final visual identity positions Cumulus as contemporary and professional, but aligned to land and sea.

Benefits and outcomes

Cumulus have a new visual identity, underpinned by a set of narratives and brand strategy that epitomise the strategic direction the business is taking. We produced templates for research reports, letterheads and a range of digital assets that show Cumulus to be a professional, yet approachable, team of consultants punching above their weight. We are continuing to work with the team, producing content for their website and social media channels that reinforce Cumulus’ position as an innovator and thought leader within the sector. Rebranding Cumulus has given Paul and his team a purpose, language and clarity to communicate their business, and stimulus to approach the future with confidence.
We have worked with Allen and Ollie individually over the past few years, with Allen expertly distilling out what we do and how we add value, and Ollie transforming our reports and external look. We are delighted with the branding, design and website they are currently working on. Together they make a formidable team.
Paul Silcock, Cumulus Consultants